Security, security, security. Prevent cyber-attack’s.

Cyber-attack’s are increasing. Just look at the NHS who are still experiencing repercussions due to the cyber-attack in May, 2017.

What are the preventions against a cyber-attack’s? How can businesses protect themselves?

Here is our advice on the solutions available to you. Additionally, which forms of attack they prevent. Here are the many ways to protect your business from cyber-attack.

RedBrick IT Bourne Ransomware Cyber-attack

Key points to consider…

1. Secure Your Email.


A digital certificate associated to your email account removes the risk of being spoofed by a cyber-attack criminal. In addition, criminals masquerading as key members of your team will be stopped. These are not expensive and are easy to implement. Customers can buy this product at RedBrick.

2. Education.

Unsuspecting employees are one of the most exploitable vulnerabilities. Furthermore, criminals know this. Awareness is a critical piece of amour in the battle against cyber crime.

Consequently, we offer a free informative presentation for all our customers team’s, which explains the dos and don’ts. The presentation gives especially relevant examples of the types of con’s that are designed to catch them out. As a result your team is aware and ready when the need arises. Rather than being unprepared and caught out!


3. Keep your software up to date.

Updates marked as ‘critical’ are extremely important. New security patches and anti-versus are added with critical updates. The NHS’s failure to install new updates contributed to allowing the cyber-attack and failing of security. Regularly checking for updates to your software and installing will protect your computer.

Tip: Check and install at the end of the working day and let the installs complete over night. Then you do not loose any of your working time. If you need to, set reminders in your calendar.


4. Deploy a Professional Level Network firewall configured to block traffic and recognise unusual activity.

A professional network firewall will restrict network use to internal staff and authorised persons only. You can also allow network traffic for the businesses use only. Amongst many other functions they can also spot unusual activity on your network and prevent a suspected attack. A professional level network firewall is simple to implement and can be done in a matter of days.


In conclusion, these four steps are very effective at protecting your network. Consequently, employing them within your business will stop you experiencing criminal cyber-attack. Finally, as a result we offer a free no obligation review of your network security.


Contact our team, 01778 393 495. RedBrick can review your business’s security. (No obligation free review.)

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