Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security awareness training

Are your staff the biggest risk?

  • According to a recent Accenture survey that questioned 2,000 UK workers, 55% do not remember receiving any cyber security training. This is very worrying considering data breaches,
    ransomware and phishing attacks are becoming an everyday occurrence and increasingly sophisticated.
  • Employee awareness is a growing concern and all staff need to be aware of the risks that they could inflict on their employer unintentionally. Even basic training has the potential to prevent future security incidents and is being described as a “missed opportunity”.
  • An organisation’s security is only as strong as its weakest link, which in many cases could be its own workforce.
  • This is why it is important employees have the tools they need in place to recognize and escalate threats through training and awareness programs.

Some key facts;

  • 70% of those who recieved cyber training felt that it enhanced their ability to recognise and react accordingly to potential threats.
  • 25% felt that cyber security training is the most effective method to protect against threats.
  • 19% are unsure of how to successfully identify a phishing email.

No matter how many security products or policies you have implemented, the information in an organisation is not completely secure unless all employees are trained in security awareness policies and procedures. Information security is critical within the business environment.

At RedBrick, we have been offering our contracted clients FREE cyber Awareness Workshops since Summer 2016 and have delivered these 30 minute sessions to hundreds of our clients’ employees. For more information please contact us on 01778 393 495 or by email to [email protected].

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