Manage your Wi-Fi Provision

Manage your Wi-Fi ProvisionYou want to offer a Wi-Fi service but you’re not sure if you’re opening the door to a huge security risk. We can help.

Safe & Flexible

Our managed Wi-Fi solution offers your staff and visitors not only a professional, corporate and reliable user experience but also one that keeps your network and data safe. You can see exactly what’s happening on your network in near real time so that you can control your internal and guest Wi-Fi usage. You can even broadcast different networks names to up to four groups of users depending on their access requirements – in other words create Corporate, Guest and Staff accesses with their own secure password and usage settings.

With access to information on each user’s traffic, we can manually block any abusers of the facility, cap the amount of data being used or block particular Wi-Fi devices.

Scalable & Reliable

Our managed Wi-Fi solution grows with you. There’s nothing to configure onsite, it’s all done here and so adding a new access point or network location takes just seconds and if any device fails we’ll be alerted, ensuring any downtime is minimised.

The points ‘mesh’ together which eliminates the need for cabling and dips in signal between broadcast points therefore offering a seamless and reliable service that can extend to the farthest corners of your business wherever there is power.


Make your customer experience part of your marketing by creating a bespoke Wi-Fi access login screen that uses your company branding or logo to creates a professional first impression of your business.

For more information or a demonstration of the product call the team on 01778 393 495 or send an email to [email protected]

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