Paperless Fax Solutions

paperless-fax-solutionsThe fax has evolved! You may think faxes are a thing of the past, however, a surprising number of businesses still use them.

We have a cost effective solution that means you can retire your old fax machine and at the same time save time walking to and from the fax machine, paper, ink and additional line rental charges. By purchasing a fax number from us you can not only receive faxes, but also send them from anywhere you have an internet connection.

We literally have millions of phone numbers you can pick from for your fax to email number. Our ranges cover the vast majority of areas codes in the UK (e.g. 01865 and 0151) as well as non-geographic solutions (e.g. 0845 and 03).

We can also arrange to port your existing BT based phone number across and thus retiring your line as well as your fax machine.

Environmentally Friendly

By removing the fax machine from your office you can reduce waste in multiple ways. With a traditional fax machine every fax received, regardless of whether it is legitimate or spam, is printed. Each time you print you are utilising power, paper, ink and you may even have a phone line dedicated to fax. With the paperless fax solution, the fax is delivered to your mail client electronically with no need to print. If you wish to store it, do so electronically. Likewise, if you need to distribute the document you can do so via email as the fax is sent as a PDF attachment.

Where sending is concerned, no longer is it necessary for you to print off your documents, to then walk to the fax machine to send them. Instead, send an email with your attached documents. Our system will scan and send without any paper being wasted.

Improve Security

The chances are that in your office you have a pooled fax machine. Documents received can be seen and distributed by those who are first to the machine.

With the Fax to Email platform each member of staff can have their own dedicated fax number. Alternatively, you can specify who the recipients should be for each fax, which can be one or several email addresses. By receiving the faxes by email you can limit exposure to potentially confidential information.

To find out more please contact our team on [email protected] or call us on 01778 393495.

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