Ransomware – What is it?

Ransomware - What is it?It’s considered as the biggest threat to IT security today and is a business worth over 300 million US dollars.

In a nutshell it’s self-installing malware that encrypts your data and sends you a demand to pay a ransom to remove it, usually in the form of a Bitcoin payment. We saw an example of this happening only yesterday, fortunately a full back up was in place and had the company up and running and infection free 24 hours later.

It’s considered as the biggest threat to IT security today and is a business worth over 300 million US dollars. This threat and this value is set to grow exponentially during 2016. Whilst anti-virus vendors are continually updating their software to combat these threats it’s an ongoing battle between those that create and those that prevent.

You may have heard of CryptoLocker, Locky or TorrentLocker.

What should you be doing to safeguard your company?

Educate your users – the primary cause of malware attacks

We will be running a series of onsite seminars covering the do’s and don’ts.

Take Control of Your Company’s Web Usage

We have a solution that allows you to monitor and restrict your employees’ web usage.


Deploy a reliable anti-virus service.

We deploy a high performing anti-virus solution either as part of our managed service contracts or as a standalone service.


Ensure you have an anti-spam filter in place on all mailboxes.


Make sure you have a comprehensive back-up solution that includes recovery points over longer periods of time.

Regularly test the restore process.


Don’t be tempted to pay, it will make you more vulnerable to subsequent attacks and there’s no guarantee the fix will be supplied.

For more information and for details on how we can help protect your business call us on 01778 393495 or email [email protected]

19th April 2016

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