Some Simple Security Advice

Website SecuritySome handy tips to help you stay safe online!

After the recent episode of Panorama, TalkTalk’s website hack and several other articles being published on how easy it is to compromise computers and smartphones, here are a few tips to help prevent this. There are plenty of resources online that have much more information – try

  • Passwords: The golden rule is never use the same password on multiple sites, however, who can honestly say that you’ve never used the same password. If you have problems with passwords consider using a free password manager tool such a Dashlane, LaspPass, KeePass or RoboForm. Passwords are stolen in data breaches all the time. If you re-use passwords, then your accounts on unrelated web sites can be hacked very easily.
  • Be Cynical: Microsoft won’t ring you up to inform you that you have a problem and want to take over your PC. If you’re concerned about a call, hang up the phone and call the organisation back, first checking the phone number from a legitimate website.
  • SSL Certificates: Invest in a SSL Certificate to secure your website and email domain, make it harder for hackers to gain access to your website and email servers thus protecting your identity. Don’t become a victim of On-Line Identity theft it can harm your business, cost you thousands and ruin your reputation with suppliers.
  • Phishing: Microsoft Office documents are a easy way for hackers to gain access to your device. Never enable macros by clicking ‘enable content’ in an Office document, unless you’re certain the document is legitimate.
  • Keep everything up to date: Ensure your anti-virus & anti-spam solutions are managed and up to date, together with your operating system and software security patches.

19th November 2015

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